Anita Poushan LMT


Based in Crestone, Colorado, Shunyata Healing Arts exists to provide integrated massage therapy to all and increase access to education, self practice and holistic health. Shunyata founder, Anita Poushan trained under Dan Retuta and Sue Beck at the Crestone Healing Arts Center in 2016 in Swedish massage, acupressure, reiki, hot stone massage, aromatherapy and reflexology with a foundation in kundalini, chi gong, tai chi, Aryuvedic and traditional Chinese medicine systems.

Before founding Shunyata Healing Arts in 2016, Anita was a social justice organizer in Washington DC where she began studying the relationship between social systems and health. While working as an organizer on environment, anti-nuclear weapons campaigns and volunteering with Black Lives Matters, she started studying herbalism, food systems and kundalini yoga.

Now a licensed massage therapist since 2016 and Ashtanga practitioner, Anita has worked to provide massage therapy and body work across the Crestone community for individuals, retreats, and gatherings, working with Valley View Hot Springs and Zapata Ranch as well as working with Annie Pace to prepare community Sattvic meals. Recently attending the 2018 Health Justice Jam in DC, Anita continues to focus her work at the intersection between healing arts and community.